Barry Island is a peninsula in the south of Wales. it is known for being the backdrop of the hit British comedy Gavin & Stacey, its beautiful beaches, its stunning golf courses, rich cultural history, war museums for people who like history, Porthkerry Country Park with its 220 acres of woods and meadowland leading to a pebble beach and Barry Island Pleasure Park.

Golf Area in Barry Island

Barry Island Beach

Barry Island Beach


Starting with the most obvious and what Barry Island is most known for, Whitmore Bay Beach.

Whitmore Bay Beach has attracted visitors to Barry Island since due to its beautiful golden beaches, cafes and family activities. Luckily for newcomers, Whitmore Bay Beach have been recently refurbished to be even more fun for locals and tourists alike. They added a sweeping promenade along the entire length of the Whitmore Bay Beach, that is against the backdrop of a lot of great cafes and restaurants. They also added new activities for kids and landscaped the gardens!

There’s also Cold Knap Bay which is pebbly but has an amazing breeze. There’s plenty of space and it’s quiet, a perfect place to relax, do some fishing and there is also windsurfing that you can decide to enjoy there.

South Wales Aviation Museum

For people who like history, they can visit the SWAM (South Wales Aviation Museum) and the Barry War Museum. The Barry War Museum is an independent museum run by the Barry at War History Group. It features a lot of the remnants of World War 2 and you can step back in time for an authentic wartime experience including a trench to simulate life at the Western Front. It also includes a genuine WW2 air raid shelter and an authentic fully functioning kitchen containing items from the 1940’s!

Airplane in the SWAM exhibit

Airplane in the SWAM exhibit

The South Wales Aviation Museum is a non-profit organisation that hopes to inspire aviators and engineers. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the aircrafts and exhibits to have an unforgettable immersive experience. There’s also a lot of open cockpits for you to be able to take a closer look at them as well as a large array of aircrafts on display.

Gavin & Stacey Tour

Of course, there’s a fair bit of Gavin & Stacey tourism you can see the arcade where Nessa worked, Uncle Bryn’s house, and if you’re a real diehard fan, you can always hop on Dave’s Coach, this is all a part of the Gavin & Stacey Tour that was approved by the co-creator Ruth Jones!

Barry Island Pleasure Park

If you have children or feeling a bit adventurous, there is always the Barry Island Pleasure Park, which is a theme park Perfect for teens and grownups, alike who would like a little action, adrenaline and excitement. Barry Island Pleasure Park will definitely get your heart racing with its phenomenal rides such as the rollercoaster, log flume, dodgems and a waltzer. Younger kids will find plenty to keep them amused too, with trampolines, pedal boats, toys and the usual theme park rides suitable for them.