The BlackPool is located in the opposite of the Irish Sea coast in England, a beachfront resort with parks, historical monuments, long passing and nightlife. Visitors will not find any lack of interesting things.

Family fun on the beach of pleasure

Pleasure Beach is the most visited entertainment park in the UK. It features a wooden ship and more than 120 other flights, and Nickelodeon Land for young children and many offers and restaurants.

You will also find an ideal place for cooling in warm days and to rest your feet.

Enjoy golf or snowboarding or afternoon bowling.

Older personnel can experience their luck in the casino. Access to the garden is expensive to add to you information about this place.

A walk along the corniche

One of the most popular in past times is a walk along the promenade on the beach.

There are three different piers located along the northern, central and southern portions of the trail.

There are theaters, restaurants, bars, carnivals, arcades and souvenir shops.

Enjoy the wildlife

There are plenty of sites to enjoy the wildlife from the area.

Located near Stanley Park, there is a small zoo with giraffes, zebras, and more than 1,500 animals in the place.

The zoo is well laid out and easy to pass.

Sea Life Center has one of the largest shark shows in Europe.

You can walk through the shark tank tunnel that has many types of sharks around you.

There are more than 2,000 other animals in more than 50 displays.

There is also a rock pool where you can reach and touch some animals if you are brave.

Restaurants in blackpool

  • There’s so many restaurants that you would enjoy with your family varies in type there’s fancy and fast food restaurants and vary in nationality, there’s Indian restaurants and Spanish and Italian restaurants.
  • Such as: The Shovels, The Bank Bar & Grill, Ciao Ciao, Bentleys Fish & Chip Shop, Zest Of India, Michael Wan’s Mandarin Cantonese Restaurant and so many restaurants that you will love, Choose your type.